Angelo Candiano

28 June - 7 October 2017

On Wednesday, June 28, 2017 the exhibition Light in Room will open at the Guido Costa Projects Gallery in Via Mazzini 24, Turin. The exhibition features works by Angelo Candiano produced over the last twenty years together with an installation specially designed for the occasion. This show marks the next phase in the gallery’s exploration of immaterial culture which has been the common thread running through the entire 2017 season.

For decades Angelo Candiano has devoted his attention to the star of this show: light. Doing so his work has honed in on an analysis of the grammar of perception and the paradigms of vision rather than the production of objects, engendering in time a genuine theoretical system rather than personal aesthetic.

Pondered and refined at length his oeuvre can be understood as a series of unique and unrepeatable events and, to a certain extent, as a clear and inevitable testimony to a completed process. The work emerges from a blending of its very nature with that of time and movement, coming strangely alive to foster uncanny futures.

Angelo Candiano is rare example of a photographer without camera, who haunts the narrow boundary that separates light from image. And his novel approach to lenses and traditional light-sensitive photographic paper is somewhat metaphorical and exquisitely conceptual.

Fotosofia, as he defines his research, analyzes precisely this visible and invisible dialectic. He is fully aware of entering into a dialogue with a dynamic region, where every objective and ideal  achievement is utterly transient and destined to become something else. His work shares a similar destiny; as living material, they too continually generate others in a kind of perpetual motion governed by light.

Light in Room showcases a series of seminal examples of Candiano’s artist research alongside more recent pieces, thus introducing us to the notions inherent in fotosofia as well as others in his poetic and rarefied universe. At the same time the exhibition affords us a rare opportunity to study one of the most sophisticated and radical researches on the current photographic panorama.

The exhibition of work by Angelo Candiano will remain open to the public during gallery opening times until 7 October 2017.

Angelo Candiano (Modica, 1962) has been working on his fotosofical system since the mid-80s. His post-conceptual, aesthetic and theoretical research uses light and philosophical notions to explore a new dimension in photography. Through their involuntary proliferation his complex, three-dimensional machines and photographs take the art of photographic practice back to the pure idea and light, thus questioning the idea authorship. His work has been exhibited in private galleries and public institutions in Italy and abroad since 1985. His last retrospective, Complexity, was held at the MLAC in Rome at La Sapienza University in 2005. He lives and works in Turin.