Reading Poems
#100 anni dopo
20 giugno 2015

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The name of this reading, #100 Anni Dopo (#100 Years After), is a reference to the 100 years since the outbreak of World War I. The artist will read poems from the poetry trilogy Le mie nazioni (published by Luca Rento, 2015). The three books that make up the ‘art editions’ come in 77 copies + 7 copies in Roman numerals + 7 signed and numbered artist proofs. Each edition is a one-off housed in a steel box made by the poet. Each of the three books is 40 pages long and costs 300 Euros. The trilogy contains an introduction by Jasmina Tešanović and investigates a symbolic construction of contemporary Europe through the eyes of young mothers (raised to the erected to the position of Muses by the new generations of poets) who will give birth to the next generation of Europeans.

Fabio Pante was nominated for the CetonaVerde Prize in 2015.


I woke up,

Worn out by the first cold:

I had dreamed unimaginable losses,

And while the fire was burning by my side,

And it burnt the oldest trunks of the Night,

Nations turned to ash,

And Words and Laments,

And cries of mothers and lovers

Gave birth to the last generations of Poets.

Fabio Pante