Fabio Paleari Allen Ginsberg portrait
The Last Beat of Allen Ginsberg
On the occasion of and with the patronage of the Traffic Festival
12 - 30 July 2006
Musical Reading
Furio Di Castri and Valter Malosti
Howl by Allen Ginsberg
12 July 2006

The Last Beat of Allen Ginsberg exhibition will open at 7 pm on July 12 in the Guido Costa Projects Gallery in Turin, with a film by Fabio Paleari.

In 1996, exactly ten years ago and a few months before his death, Allen Ginsberg gave his last reading in Italy at the Magazzini in Milan. Organised by Fernanda Pivana, it was a memorable occasion for anyone who still had not been lucky enough to attend one of his public readings and witness his incredible energy and extraordinary charisma.
This last trip to Italy brought Ginsberg to Rome, Turin, Venice and Milan, sealing a long-standing relationship with our country, replete with trips and many lasting friendships. That night in Milan he recited some of his best-known poems, talked with the audience and sang some of his poignant mantras. It was a kind of farewell.

Many years later, on the tenth anniversary of his death, Fabio Paleari edited the film of that magical evening. It reveals the brilliant, powerful and memorable Allen Ginsberg. In the interview by Angela Vettese, which serves as a counterpoint to his reading, Ginsberg focuses on many intimate aspects of his work: as well as talking about fellow Beat Generation friends, he reveals the debits and credits of his poetic mission; he also discusses art and politics. Fabio Paleari’s black and white and colour cut-ups and close-ups capture the moods, pauses and reflections of the man, underlining the polyphony of poetry and Ginsberg’s mind as it hovers somewhere between ultra-modernity and the archaic purity of poetry. The result is pure Ginsberg, at once rough and sophisticated, where the sound of the word becomes image and the image idea - a real poetic howl.
As well as film, the exhibition will include a series of black and white still-like photos taken during those days, an anthology of snapshots tenderly reveal the man behind the poetry surrounded by old and new friends. This is Ginsberg backstage. The exhibition provides us with an opportunity to study one of the greatest poets of the last century with fresh eyes and ponder his contemporaneousness and the lesson the great collective epic Beat poem taught us about politics and life.
Fabio Paleari (Milan 1960) is one of the most interesting and radical Italian photographers. Nomadic by nature, he lives and works where his projects take him, entering into an almost symbiotic relationship with his subjects. Paleari has traced a very personal artistic path using photographs, videos and installations. Starting with his series dedicated to the famous Leu family of tattoo artists right up to the recent shots of Pete Doherty, he embodies the figure of art ‘antagonist’. His work has been exhibited in public spaces and private galleries in Italy and abroad. In Italy he is represented by Guido Costa Projects in Turin.

On Saturday July 15, from 7 - 9 pm in conjunction with the exhibition in the gallery Fabio Paleari a live concert featuring Furio di Castri, one of the most famous double bass players in the world, will dialogue with the voice of Walter Malosti, who will read a selection of poems by Allen Ginsberg.

Furio di Castri (Milan, 1955) is one of the most famous jazz double bass players in the world. He has played on countless occasions with internationally renowned musicians, including Chet Baker, Richard Galliano, Dino Saluzzi, Michel Petrucciani and Enrico Rava with whom he has been involved in a successful creative partnership since 1981. He has dozens of recordings to his name both as a soloist and in groups, and is famous worldwide as a live performer.

Walter Malosti is a highly skilled director and actor, with an outstanding career in the theatre. Over the years his work has alternated between bold experimental artistic research and traditional performances of the classics. Founder of the Theatre of Dionysus 1990, he has since directed many plays and films, which earned him an honourable mention as best performer at the Fringe Festival Art in Melbourne in 1992. More recently he was awarded the Hystrio Prize for best Director (2004), and the UBU Prize.

Special thanks on this occasion to the Seno Gallery and Forma - International Centre for Photography in Milan and the Traffic Festival in Turin.