Paul Etienne Lincoln

5 November 2022 - 10 February 2023

Guidocosta Projects

guidocosta projects was set up in 1998 in Turin by Guido Costa. Since 2001, it has been operating from an old lithography studio in Via Mazzini 24, not far from the main railway station, Porta Nuova. Although the gallery specializes in pieces created for this exhibition space, guidocosta projects deals mainly with photography, video, sculpture, performance and installation work, with a special emphasis placed on work of the last three decades. The gallery is the sole representative of all its artists in Italy and, in some cases, in Europe and the world.
The guidocosta projects gallery plans four exhibitions a year, three of which are the first one-person shows in Italy.

The artists, who are all internally renowned and whose work is among the most representative in their particular expressive field, are supported by the gallery’s staff in matters concerning their participation in museum shows, the creation of synergies with other private and/or public organizations, the publication of their work and any necessary technical, video and audiovisual assistance.
Each year Guido Costa Projects takes part in some of the most important national and international contemporary art fairs. As a supplement to these activities it also provides advice about the art market, exhibition design and feasibility.